Did you know there are certain frequencies that adults over 21 can't hear? It's true! (Poor adults.) UndrTheRadr is a set of ringtones that only teens can hear . That means you can get all the texts and phone calls you want and adults will have NO IDEA. (Sorry Mom and Dad! Too bad, teachers!) Now that's UndrTheRadr.

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When you download UndrTheRadr, you're not only getting ringtones that only you and your friends can hear, you're also supporting Free The Children, an international charity dedicated to providing education to children and teens in developing countries. 20¢ of every 99¢ download goes to helping teenagers around the world get the education they need to change their lives.

Free the Children

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“I am a teenager who believes that by combining business planning and a greater purpose we can, as a generation, work locally and internationally to be instruments of positive change. UTR is my first step in making the world a better place through social entrepreneurship.”