When I was a kid, the thing I dreaded most was public speaking. Give me a pop quiz, a spelling test, a science project, anything, any day, but a debate or reciting a speech? Um, no thank you. Even now, the idea of getting in front of people and talking makes me shudder, and just reminds me of the sweats and the shakes I would get when I wasn’t faking a stomachache and running out of the classroom. True story.

Thankfully, there are some kids who enjoy putting it all out there. That’s right, it’s that time of year, “Dragons’ Den” fans, when students stand in front of the firing squad comprised of Kevin O’Leary, Jim Treliving, Bruce Croxon, Arlene Dickinson and David Chilton, to see whether their dreams will come true or be shot down. Hard.

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